Genealogy and Local History in Union County, Ohio
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The OHUNION mailing list began in October 1997. It is an email discussion list open to anyone who has an interest in genealogy or local history in Union County, Ohio, or any of its cities, towns, townships, and villages.

Mailing lists like OHUNION are basically lists of email addresses. When you subscribe to OHUNION, you add your email address to the list. Anyone who is subscribed can send an email message to the list in order to have all other subscribers automatically receive that message. It costs nothing to join this mailing list.

The purpose is to provide a forum where people with a common interest can share ideas and information. You are free to ask questions about genealogical and historical research and sources in Union County as well as post queries concerning Union County families. Other subscribers may be able to provide answers or direct you to the sources you are looking for.

You can subscribe to OHUNION in list or digest mode. In list mode, individual messages from other subscribers posted to the mailing list will arrive in your email inbox as separate messages. In digest mode, messages are grouped together and sent as a single message on a periodic basis. The volume of messages on a mailing list such as OHUNION can vary with periods of no activity to other times when several messages may be posted in the course of day.

All messages posted to OHUNION are archived and searchable.


To subscribe to OHUNION, send an email message to:

or for the digest:

and simply put the text:


without any other text in the body of the message. If you successfully subscribe, you will receive a welcome message in response. Subscribers are subject to RootsWeb's Acceptable Use Policy.


To unsubscribe from OHUNION, send an email message to:

or for the digest:

and simply put the text:


without any other text in the body of the message.

Post Messages

Whether you are subscribed in list or digest mode, you would post messages by sending them to:

Only subscribers to the list can post messages.

List Archives

It is possible to search the OHUNION list archives to find messages previously posted to the list. Posted messages are permanently retained and are keyword searchable. It is also possible to browse the OHUNION list archives. In browse, messages are grouped by the month they were originally posted. You do not need to be a subscriber to search or browse.

To search or browse the OHUNION list archives, follow the links below.

Other Mailing Lists

There are many other genealogy and history mailing lists which may be useful in your research. Some focus on geographic areas while others focus on certain topics or particular surnames. For a list of other mailing lists covering Ohio and elsewhere, visit the websites listed below.

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